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GameLoop 25% Stuck Pubg Mobile Ban In India?

GameLoop Ban In India?

Hello, Guys, Today’s topic is the Realy Gameloop ban in India? What is a 25% stuck problem? is that a Pubg mobile ban in India? Currently Pubg mobile is still available on the play store. so what’s going on with GameLoop software? Let’s Find out.

Likewise, Tencent, makers of the popular mobile game Pubg Mobile, fears the game which had over 100 million installs by the end of 2019 could be next. There is No news about baning Gameloop or pubg mobile. So what is the problem with the installation of gameloop why it stuck at 25%?

Pubg Mobile Ban In India?

According to a Reuters report, Tencent was “disappointed” by the ban on Chinese apps, which included its own messaging app WeChat, and feared that PUBG: Mobile would be next. Maybe there was a problem With the software, after updating of gameloop maybe it’s happening it’s

As the world’s largest video game company, Tencent also has shareholders from around the world. Proses, which owns the single largest stake in the company at 31 percent, is a portfolio manager that comes under the South African e-commerce group Naspers. Hua Teng Ma, who founded Tencent, has an 8.43 percent stake.


Pubg Mobile can be banned as a “Chinese” app that is thus debatable. However, calls to ban PUBG in India have been around much before border tensions between India and China sparked in 2020. On 14th March 2019, a ban on PUBG was initiated in Gujarat, leading to players being arrested across the state.

So comment to me with your opinion. Are you think That Pubg mobile can be ban in India? if it is then must stop playing Pubg Mobile.

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