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How To Use Your Android Phone As A Microphone For PC

Turn Your Android Phone Into A Microphone

WO Mic is a free software for the Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s designed to turn your Android phone into a microphone for your pc and laptop, using WO Mic we don’t have to buy a traditional microphone and instead, Re-purposes your existing android phone. With more than millions of users already, installing and using this software to record for many different purposes. Not only does it cost nothing, but it’s also really easy to use and supports multiple connection methods.

Very Easy To Use

If you think connecting your android phone to your computer for its microphone was difficult, you’ll be surprised to learn just how very easy to use. With multiple connection methods, including through USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth, WO Mic is versatile and adaptable to most setups. Even if you can’t access the Google Play store, it can still be downloaded directly from the developer’s website with a list of setup instructions.

How To Install

First, we need to download this software from the link mentioned
Download Wo Mic Driver:- Click Me
Download Wo Mic Client:- Click Me
Then we need to install this software on our computer
After install you must restart your computer
Now Take Your Android Phone And Download This APK:- Click Me
Enable USB debugging on Android phone

How To Use

  1. USB transport. You need to
  2. Enable USB debugging on Android phone
  3. Install USB driver on the computer
  4. Bluetooth. Pair your phone with the computer if you haven’t done that. Turn on
  5. Bluetooth on both phone and computer.
  6. Wi-Fi. Turn on Wi-Fi on both phone and computer and connect them to the same hotspot.
  7. Step 1. Start server on the phone
  8. Launch WO Mic app on phone.
  9. In-app settings, choose the transport you intend. Leave other options as default.
    Back to main UI and click Start on to start the server.
  10. If it prompts not enough permission, please grant microphone or audio record permission to this app on an Android device.

Once the state changes to Started or Connectable, the server is ready to accept connection requests from the client.

Step 2.

  1. Connect from the client on the computer
    On Windows, operations are:
  2. Launch WO Mic Client
  3. Select Connection -> Connect…
    In the transport dialog, select the same transport as you did on phone in step 2
    Specify target app device corresponding to selected transport:
  4. Wi-Fi. Enter the IP address shown on the app main UI
    Bluetooth. Select the phone Bluetooth name in the drop-down list
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Once the client shows to be connected, you can choose WO Mic as the microphone device.


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