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Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING {2021 Guide}

Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING

What’s up, guys? In this post, I’m going. To show you how to optimize Windows 10 For gaming in 2021. These are the best way to optimize your PC for gaming introduced by almost all the top pros.

Cleaning Your Window

Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING {2021 Guide}All alright, guys, so we’re going to start with the basic Windows key + R and then type %temp%. Now, these are all your files that your computer is using in the background, and it’s just wasting space and causing you to slow down, so right-click delete all. then it’s going to say skip, and then skip, and these are the files that you’re currently using, so you can’t delete that. but you just deleted all the other ones

Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING {2021 Guide}And now your computer should be running more efficiently, windows key + R again this time type in Temp and do the same thing, so ctrl-a right-clicks and delete. And then Excel and then now your computer should be running more efficiently.

Control Panel

control panel

Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING for this next step, you want to go to the search panel and type in control panel, and then once you get to the control panel, go to system and security, so once you go to system and security, you want to type in power options, click on power options and then you’re just going to be balanced but put yours to high performance.

power optionsIt’s going to make it, so where your PC is working way more efficiently, and it’s giving all the juice it needs so it’s working at a higher level, and this is going to help you in all your games and boost your fps and stuff of that nature.

System And Security

advance system settingNext, you want to go to system and security and then system and then advanced system settings, and then you’re going to see this box, and it’s going to say performance and the next performance you want to click on settings once you’re there you’re just going to be on the first one which is let windows choose what’s best for you, and this is just going to slow down your PC because you don’t need all those little tweaks that make your PC look better, so you want to put it on adjusting for Best Performance.

Best Performance

Now you are going to get the real gamer stuff here, so then you want to all you need to show thumbnails instead of icons and then adjust smooth edges of screen fonts those are the only things you need, guys, to make your PC look good; I use it and look at my desktop fine looks fine; Those animations, all those little things that you know the shadows behind the icons you don’t need those they’re not appealing to the eye guys, and I’m like you know, and she’s going to slow down your gameplay and if you want to get those frames if you want to perform at the high level you must use these guys cuz It just makes your PC work so much more efficiently, and it doesn’t have to worry about all that little extra knickknacks that you don’t need.

Wi-Fi Optimize

tcp optimizerAll right, guys, so this next tip is going to optimize your Wi-Fi for gaming; what you want to do is type in TCP optimizer in Google, and then you’re going to be visited with this site, and then you can read what it says it obviously optimizes your Wi-Fi stops lag spikes increase your lowest lowers ping optimize your Wi-Fi in general. And then open it okay once it’s opened click okay so once you click okay, it’s just going to load, so this is going to help you guys boost your Wi-Fi and honestly increase your potential, you know, in your internet speed and all that stuff of that nature.

TCP optimizer

tcp optimizerThis time you’re going to be visited with this; go to the slider and then put in your internet speed, so mine is roughly like 95; okay from here, you want to go to file and then import, file link clicks to download.

That’s going to have the best settings for this program, so download that, and then you’re going to input it. Then once it’s imported, I already have the settings imported so that you won’t see any changes. Still, you’ll see changes in numbers, and it’ll be different, so once you do that, you want to hit apply changes. I don’t have to do that because I already did this guy, but once you’re done, just hit apply changes, and there’s exit out.

Internet Setting

Internet SettingThe last tip that deals with internet settings are this one right here, so what you want to do is type in the Windows search bar’s control panel. You want to go to network and internet, and then you want to go to network and sharing center. You want to go to the Ethernet Wi-Fi because I have Ethernet, so it says Ethernet and then clicks on that and then prop. Then you want to go to the Internet Protocol version, and basically, I’m going to give you guys a DNS server that will make you know the latency less and make your internet faster.

Like when you play video games, so you want to put use following DNS server and then type in and then that’s Google’s DNS server, guys, and then validate Settings upon exit, you need to click that is very important, so the settings stay in and then click okay and then you’re good to go.

Nvidia control panel

optimize windows 10 for gamingOptimize Windows 10 For Gaming for the next tip is what you are going to do with the monitor, so what you Want to do is right-click the Nvidia control panel. if you have an Nvidia graphics card which a lot of gaming PC’s doing okay, so once done loading, you want to go to adjust settings you’re just going to be on the first one guys, but I want you to put it on the performance one and then slide the slider from quality to performance and what this is going to do is make your monitor from like looking good and stuff like that To like performing at its best at the best it can, and it’ll still look great guys like it doesn’t change anything you know it still looks good, but you’re just performing at a better level, and your PC’s just um you know we’ll be able to give you more frames.


MalwarebytesGet rid of like viruses and adware that’s just like slowing down your PC, so you want to go to Malwarebytes com click on the free download green button. It’s just going to make your PC perform at a higher level, so download that you’re going to be prompted with this page, and then you’re going to want to click on the skin; this is free, guys this program is good not sponsored by the way not sponsored it’s just a good program to clean your PC and help it run faster so yeah once it’s downloading alright guys, so it’s done downloading. now you want to click do I keep my PC relatively clean, so I don’t have anything wrong with it. Still, if you have, as you know resolve it, you click resolve, and you’re good, that’s about it. 

Disable Background Apps

Disable Background AppsThe next and final tip that you want to do is go to the windows search panel and type in background apps, and then you want to click on that. These are old apps that are running in your background; yours will be on, and you want to turn that off; turn it completely off now your PC will have your game running, and your game only and all these things that are just running in the background is you’re slowing down your PC, and it’s no good that’s going to wrap it.




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